ACORN and the Orange County charter: 'It's the same old song'


It's_the_Same_Old_Song_label.jpegWe have been singing the same old song for so long here at I-4 Activist Watch we’re a little surprised that people don’t mistake us for the legendary Four Tops, of Motown fame — and yes, our latest tune centers on ACORN.


Having been successful at purchasing collecting the required signatures to get a second “citizen’s” initiative on the ballot, Orange County’s progressive left community now busies itself with the task of securing the votes to get it passed.

Thanks to the efforts of Citizens for Informed Elections, voters will decide whether to change all charter office elections — see Board of County Commissioners — from non-partisan to partisan, and whether to place the mayor’s race on the presidential election cycle.

Both issues are hugely beneficial to the local activist-controlled Democratic Party, which has a lead of nearly 100,000 registered voters in Orange County. Should these two issues be approved —  legal challenges notwithstanding — it may be decades before we see another Republican on the BCC.

And as we look ahead to the November election, I-4 Activist Watch decided to examine the financial contributions to Citizens for Informed Elections, only to discover a $19,500 donation from Project Vote.

Before we take an honest look at Project Vote, here’s a list of other donors who’ve taken a keen interest in creating a Democratic stronghold in Orange County:

D.C. based Leadership Center for Common Good – $47,500

California based New Leaders Council – $9,000

Democracy Alliance member Chris Findlater – $35,000

Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph – $26,750

As for Project Vote, former left-wing radical David Horowitz’s Discover the Network identified the organization as “the voter-mobilization arm of ACORN.”

Local activists want you to believe that ACORN no longer exists, having disbanded in 2010 after being exposed as a criminal enterprise. But oddly, groups such as the above listed Leadership Center for Common Good bear a striking resemblance to ACORN.

Discover the Network also reported on a dubious connection between Project Vote and President Obama’s 2008 campaign:

In 2008, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign furnished Project Vote with a list of donors who had already contributed (to the campaign) the maximum amount of money permitted by law. Anita Moncrief, a former Washington, DC staffer for Project Vote, later revealed that her organization had contacted these big donors and urged them to give money to Project Vote — money which could then be funneled directly into the Obama campaign coffers, thereby evading election-law limits on campaign contributions.

Orange County residents will have an opportunity in November to address weaknesses in the charter that allows ideological groups such as those named here to pervert the citizen petition process to advance a political agenda and EXPAND the power of the government over our lives, property & private commerce.

Until then, don’t be surprised about ACORN’s ever present footprint on local politics — former ACORN political director Susannah Randolph calls Central Florida home.

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