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Most Floridian’s, not already ‘indulging’ really understand that the move to amend the state constitution to allow Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions is just the ‘tip of the spear’ for legalizing marijuana usage.

To my libertarian friends I would say – AMENDING THE STATE CONSTITUTION is not the appropriate place to codify marijuana usage. Besides, opening the door for mob rule, circumventing the legislative process leaves not many good options in case there is need for a legal remedy.

To all who so vehemently oppose smoking cigarettes and cigars, I would say – that smoking is NOT a proper delivery device for medicine.

To everyone not already ‘self medicating’ I would say – that NONE of these recognized medical associations support marijuana as medicine:

American Medical Association
American Cancer Society
American Glaucoma Society,
American Academy of Ophthalmology,
National Institute of Drug Abuse(NIDA),
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Association(SAMHSA),
Food and Drug Association (FDA),
National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
American Academy of Pediatrics,
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),
American Society of Addiction Medicine.

hickenlooper-potreckless Moreover, the Governor of Colorado – a state recently moving from Medical to Legalizing Marijuana – just came out last week stating it was a reckless idea to legalize marijuana.  As I was saying Colorado started with medical marijuana.

I don’t think this is a bridge too far; but, as medicine, I wonder how long it will be before marijuana is  be covered under the Affordable Care Act? Where costs are certain to be passed on to the unwitting taxpayer.

Why Isn’t Marijuana an FDA-Approved Medication?
Marijuana comes from the plant Cannabis sativa. It contains more than 400 di erent chemicals—many with unknown effects—which differ from plant to plant. For something to be a medicine, it must have well-defi ned and measurable ingredients that are the same each time a person takes a dose. That means one pill has to have the same amount of medicine as the next. This way, a doctor can determine what dose to prescribe and how often a patient should take it.
Also, marijuana has harmful effects, especially when it is smoked, that must be considered. Smoking marijuana can cause a chronic cough and increased risk of bronchitis and other lung infections. It can also interfere with learning and memory, affect driving (especially if combined with alcohol), make some people anxious and paranoid, and can lead to addiction. More Here  myths-of-medical-marijuana.
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