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Vote-525x350We know monkeys are intelligent, but who could have guessed that they are able to craft ballot language for charter questions?

And use legal dictionaries and dart boards to boot!

That’s the assertion Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell made last week when he offered his folksy two-cents on four potential changes to the Orange County charter voters will be deciding on in the upcoming election.

The thought of monkeys and dart boards conjures up a vision of the columnist throwing darts at a board covered with images of the Republican commissioners as he penned his missive — better known as “the hacks on the commission,” as he labeled them in his column.

In this scenario, can there be any doubt that Commissioner Fred Brummer’s mug would be resting on the bulls eye?

Not only does Maxwell continue the myth that professional activists well compensated by labor unions and other liberal organizations are nothing more than “citizens,” he eagerly embraces the potential for them to “take democracy into their own hands.”

See Orange County Now Voting Guide Here!

In addressing Question A, he looks past our representative form of government to talk about being able to “directly petition” the commission. This is known as direct democracy, which often goes by another name — mob rule.

The expanded 150 day time limit allows locals more time to better understand how ballot initiatives may affect the community before voting on them, and for this reason alone you should vote YES on A.

He tells readers that Question B will “ban” them from addressing economic issues, which is disingenuous. These issues can certainly be addressed through those elected to represent the community — that is what they are there for. If you don’t like their decisions, vote them out.

The economic issues he speaks of — favored by labor unions — will limit local opportunity. Voting YES on B will prevent out-of-state special interests from forcing a job-killing agenda on Orange County.

Maxwell gets it right on Question C, vote NO — even a broken clock is accurate twice a day.

He ripped those behind Question D for combining two issues, but wasn’t nearly as harsh on Democrats for doing the same thing on C. In the end, this helps protect Orange County from polarizing political agendas — and establishes term limits — so voters should vote YES on D.

In baseball jargon, a great pitch is preceded by a proper setup, and in this case, Maxwell’s setup stinks. Which means Orange County residents can’t trust that he’s throwing strikes. Vote NO on C, but ignore Maxwell and vote YES on Questions A, B and D.

Most Floridian’s, not already ‘indulging’ really understand that the move to amend the state constitution to allow Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions is just the ‘tip of the spear’ for legalizing marijuana usage.

To my libertarian friends I would say – AMENDING THE STATE CONSTITUTION is not the appropriate place to codify marijuana usage. Besides, opening the door for mob rule, circumventing the legislative process leaves not many good options in case there is need for a legal remedy.

To all who so vehemently oppose smoking cigarettes and cigars, I would say – that smoking is NOT a proper delivery device for medicine.

To everyone not already ‘self medicating’ I would say – that NONE of these recognized medical associations support marijuana as medicine:

American Medical Association
American Cancer Society
American Glaucoma Society,
American Academy of Ophthalmology,
National Institute of Drug Abuse(NIDA),
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Association(SAMHSA),
Food and Drug Association (FDA),
National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
American Academy of Pediatrics,
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),
American Society of Addiction Medicine.

hickenlooper-potreckless Moreover, the Governor of Colorado – a state recently moving from Medical to Legalizing Marijuana – just came out last week stating it was a reckless idea to legalize marijuana.  As I was saying Colorado started with medical marijuana.

I don’t think this is a bridge too far; but, as medicine, I wonder how long it will be before marijuana is  be covered under the Affordable Care Act? Where costs are certain to be passed on to the unwitting taxpayer.

Why Isn’t Marijuana an FDA-Approved Medication?
Marijuana comes from the plant Cannabis sativa. It contains more than 400 di erent chemicals—many with unknown effects—which differ from plant to plant. For something to be a medicine, it must have well-defi ned and measurable ingredients that are the same each time a person takes a dose. That means one pill has to have the same amount of medicine as the next. This way, a doctor can determine what dose to prescribe and how often a patient should take it.
Also, marijuana has harmful effects, especially when it is smoked, that must be considered. Smoking marijuana can cause a chronic cough and increased risk of bronchitis and other lung infections. It can also interfere with learning and memory, affect driving (especially if combined with alcohol), make some people anxious and paranoid, and can lead to addiction. More Here  myths-of-medical-marijuana.

Vote NO  Question / Pregunta-C

Moving Countywide Charter Office Elections and Making all Charter Office Elections Partisan.

vote-no-on-CFor more than twenty years, one political party  the Democrats in Central Florida have been manipulating the County Charter to benefit their own political agenda!

The only problem with what is now being proposed — to revert elections from non-partisan to partisan — is that is that many Central Florida Voters  will be disenfranchised from their right to select a county commissioner!

Yes, all of the NPA, Independents  and Libertarian registered voters will be shut out from process of selecting a county commissioner!


It’s just politics!“; they say.


Of course, these same people and their party leaders have some other interesting things to say also: “… being a NPA is just being weak minded!…”





So I would urge all of my Orange County Neighbors to vote NO on Question C. 

Your vote is your voice!

Why help those who are attempting to engage in voter suppression for hundreds of thousands of your neighbors who are Independent or NPA voters!

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